Why Coconut Soy wax?

This is a question I often get asked.

After making candles in my early twenties using 100% soy wax or soy/ paraffin blends I was never completely happy. 100% soy can be temperamental, it might not set well have lumps sink holes and sometimes just doesn't have a strong hot throw of scent that should fill the room. 

Paraffin on the other hand would set well and can have a very strong scent, but it burns quickly and it is not sustainable being a derivative from petrol and coal. Gross, that just doesn't sit well with my desire for harmonising clean energy candles.

Then I discovered coconut wax. Praise the goddesses! Coconut wax is the most sustainable wax and is ethically farmed without pesticides or fertiliser. Its beautiful creamy white texture sets candles perfectly in all climates and it burns slower, meaning you can enjoy that delicious candle longer. My favourite part too is has an incredible ability to hold and throw strong scents. Nothing quite like walking into a room taking a deep breath and feeling like you're on holiday somewhere exotic.

Big blocks of virgin coconut wax however are very hard to come by. Especially in these world pandemic times. So the perfect solution is the coconut soy blend which is used in all Lulu & Fox Candles. Not only do they look beautiful but they burn beautifully and you can enjoy them that little bit longer.

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